Friday, March 2, 2012

The Central Scrutinizer - King of the Pseudo Skeptics

Ok enough of the cute skeptical animals and funny religion pics, lets get on with the purpose of this blog, ridiculing patently ridiculous pseudoskeptics. The Randi forum has more than it's fair share of these, but the first and honory lifetime pseudo skeptic award must go to:

The Central Scrutinizer 

Date of Birth
November 2, 1959 (52)
Join Date
17th December 2001
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This sad deluded twonk is without doubt, THE dumbest, most intellectually vacant, longtime pseudo-skeptic JREF  has to offer. With nearly 37,000 posts now this lonely internet freak has averaged 10 posts per day, EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR 1O YEARS!! and not a single intelligent thing has ever come from his keyboard.

Tales abound of his drunken bore personality ruining everybody's  Galapagos islands cruise, making drunken lewd passes at any female who looked at him, trying to buy friends by buying the whole bar a drink, it really is a tale of sorry alcoholic woe. 

Normally one would feel sorry for such a pathetic and lost individual, but TCS manages to irritate almost everybody he interacts with, with his dull inane (lack of) personality, indeed some posit that he may be partially autistic, which would explain his serial 10 posts per day every day for 10 years behaviour, but others reason it's more likely that he just has no life outside of the internet.

This quote probably sums him up the best.

Originally Posted by Poster 
TCS, I have been on this forum for a couple of weeks now and I am yet to see you make a single constructive argument (with or without evidence). You seem to enjoy criticizing others and seem to have some type of superiority complex. Hopefully you can prove me wrong sometime in the near future.

The Central Scrutinizer - I don't have to make an argument. Mocking yours is sufficient. 

One of the most amusing aspects of  "Scrut" (as he is known by most) is his utter lack of understanding of financially related matters, and his rabid defense of stocks and the stock markets at all times, well, as much as can be managed with meaningless one line posts. 

However (of course) he always refuses to state which stocks he "allegedly" owns, only that they have done spectacularly well in an otherwise stagnant stock market over the last decade, because he is: 

"A sophisticated investor"  :)  yup, sure is.. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Religion Is Pretty Funny

 If we take this statement as true, and it is..

..then we can see that the best thing to do is just laugh at them until they **evolve beyond their primitive tribal need to believe in imaginary friends.  ** evolution or extinction, whatever comes sooner.

and come on, its not a very plausible story is it? he did what exactly?

seriously, what kind of nonsense is this anyway? 


whereas the one true way doesn't ask you to believe very much really..


yes or no..?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Animals Are Skeptical..

To keep things light hearted and because its way funnier than ranting about dick heads all the time..

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ex JREF Forum Members Tell It How It Is

Couldn't have put it better myself..

Truth is, the JREF Forums have become (or maybe they always were) too much about friendships and hanging out and too little about skepticism and critical thinking. 

It’s actually hard to become popular as a critical thinker because all too often it means going against the grain and questioning sacred cows, like the Skepchick party. There’s definitely an “in” crowd there. It’s not too hard to get accepted so long as you play along and don’t actually approach things skeptically. 
It’s more a social club than a forum to discuss skepticism, critical thinking, the paranormal and science in a friendly and lively way (like it says at the top of every page).  

In fact, Community is the single busiest forum in terms of posts. Humor has more posts than at least 20 other forums on the board. I think that says a lot about the board and TAM.The reason I was banned from the JREF Forum was for defending myself. Repeated posts were being made by Forum members with specific accusations, not suggestions, of mental illness against me. Since I am certifiably not afflicted by those conditions, accusations of such come across as they also probably were intended, as personal attack.  

My objections against these were denied, so to illustrate the inappropriateness of making mental health accusations against Forum members, all I did was simply to link to a post where one of these Forum members discusses her own issues with schizotypal disorder.  

Other JREF Forum members are permitted to make rude and unfounded accusations against my mental health when they run out of arguments against my claim, but I am not allowed to link to a post where one of these Forum members discusses her own and admitted mental health disorder. This illustrates a clear example of the corruption that lies within the management of the JREF Forum, which is run more like a social club, rather than being the representation of skepticism which it once pledged to be.

The Truth About The JREF Forum

A few home truths about the majority of regular JREF Forum posters. 

Week by week we will bring you the best, the funniest, the most clueless, autistic, sycophantic and downright delusional cast of characters from the online comedy cult of chain-wankers, that is the JREF "skeptics" forum. 

In the meantime here's part of a conversation from some ex-JREFers that nails it exactly..
"About the forum: as far as I'm concerned, the people who post there, for the most part, are know it alls who think they are smarter and more enlightened than other people. "
"They claim to 'question everything,' as a skeptic is supposed to do, yet their skepticism seems to be limited to bashing and criticizing anything having to do with religion or belief in God, and the vast majority are defenders of standard liberal orthodoxy (government is good, Conservatives 'hate' science, we must give up our freedoms to protect the environment, etc.)" 
"As an atheist, they're basically circle-jerking themselves for being "status-quo" atheists aka "skeptics."
"I suspect many of them are people "recovering" from aspergers syndrome. Hal, an former admin, was pretty mentally unstable. James Randi is alright, but the forums there are fail. "
"There's nothing more annoying than a skeptic who is not skeptical of his/her own correctness and intelligence. Skepticism - best served with humility." 
"For a bunch of "super intelligent", self described "skeptics", I have yet to see more rigidity of thought and adherence to the status quo, whatever that may be, than that place."