Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Truth About The JREF Forum

A few home truths about the majority of regular JREF Forum posters. 

Week by week we will bring you the best, the funniest, the most clueless, autistic, sycophantic and downright delusional cast of characters from the online comedy cult of chain-wankers, that is the JREF "skeptics" forum. 

In the meantime here's part of a conversation from some ex-JREFers that nails it exactly..
"About the forum: as far as I'm concerned, the people who post there, for the most part, are know it alls who think they are smarter and more enlightened than other people. "
"They claim to 'question everything,' as a skeptic is supposed to do, yet their skepticism seems to be limited to bashing and criticizing anything having to do with religion or belief in God, and the vast majority are defenders of standard liberal orthodoxy (government is good, Conservatives 'hate' science, we must give up our freedoms to protect the environment, etc.)" 
"As an atheist, they're basically circle-jerking themselves for being "status-quo" atheists aka "skeptics."
"I suspect many of them are people "recovering" from aspergers syndrome. Hal, an former admin, was pretty mentally unstable. James Randi is alright, but the forums there are fail. "
"There's nothing more annoying than a skeptic who is not skeptical of his/her own correctness and intelligence. Skepticism - best served with humility." 
"For a bunch of "super intelligent", self described "skeptics", I have yet to see more rigidity of thought and adherence to the status quo, whatever that may be, than that place."

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